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Victor Leong, Adam Rodriguez-CSI Miami, Johnny Starman.jpg (43922 bytes)   Carmen Electra & VictorLeong, Bahamas.jpg (44289 bytes)   Victor & Lance Bass of N'Sync.jpg (57882 bytes)   Victor Leong, Joey Fatone-nSync, & others.jpg (63344 bytes)   

Shannon Elizabeth from American Pie movie.jpg (56596 bytes)   Rocio Flor, sand-sculpting instructor.jpg (59778 bytes)   Johnny Starman, Zach Thomas-Miami Dophins, Victor Leong.jpg (100570 bytes)   Victor Leong with Commissioner J. Morales.jpg (47628 bytes)

Mayor Dermer & Victor as Judges for Competition.jpg (55443 bytes)   Victor Leong, Coach Pat Riley-Miami Heat, Rocio Flor.JPG (33941 bytes)   Giselle Blondet-Despierta America, Victor Leong.jpg (120294 bytes)   Ana Marķa Canseco-Despierta America, Victor Leong.jpg (43776 bytes)   

Roman Greenberg-Boxer, Victor Leong.jpg (81000 bytes)   Johnny Starman-Victor Leong's Agent.jpg (46490 bytes)   Victor Leong & Michelle Bernstein-Celebrity Chef-with friend.jpg (78415 bytes)   Paul Van Dyk, celebrity DJ, with Johnny Starman.jpg (45163 bytes)   

Brian Kilmeade, Co-host, Fox & Friends Morning Show, with Victor Leong.jpg (200049 bytes)   Victor Leong with E.D. Hill, Co-host, Fox & Friends Morning Show.jpg (61057 bytes)   Steve Doocy, Co-host, Fox & Friends Morning Show, with Victor Leong.jpg (198375 bytes)   Playboy centerfold, Kara Monaco, with Victor Leong, Key Biscayne.jpg (71505 bytes)   

Brian Wilson, Beach Boys, with Victor Leong, Miami.jpg (30359 bytes)   Mike Love, Beach Boys, with Victor Leong, Grand Bahamas.jpg (45695 bytes)   Samantha Brown, Host, Travel Channel, with Victor Leong.jpg (40971 bytes)   

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